In Vitro Insurance

In vitro insurance is a must have if you and your partner are thinking about going through the In vitro Fertilization procedure.  There could be many unforeseen complications that could cost you hundreds if not thousands of additional expenses.  You must plan for the future by planning now and purchasing in vitro insurance. 

Insurance companies provide In vitro insurance programs that offer insurance to egg recipients that protect them from the unforeseen and costly medical expenses of their egg donor or surrogate resulting from complications.  Egg recipients and surrogates are also covered for their own medical expenses resulting from complications that are not covered by their traditional health insurance.  IVF patients that purchase In vitro insurance have a higher comfort level knowing that they are covered for any additional unforeseen In Vitro expenses.
In most states, in vitro coverage is arranged and purchased by the fertility provider, physician, clinic, law firm, or agency on behalf of their patients and clients.  In some states, individuals may purchase the coverage directly from the insurance company.  Insurance providers have different rates for this type of insurance, so patients should receive multiple in vitro insurance quotes.

About 15 states have some type of law for infertility insurance coverage, so couples in those states will be likely to get some help with payment for their fertility services from their health insurance plan. In states without any infertility coverage laws, most insurance plans do not help much with payment for fertility and IVF services.

The 15 states that have laws requiring health insurance companies to assist couples for infertility treatment include Arkansas, Illinois, Montana, Rhode Island, California, Louisiana, New Jersey, Texas, Connecticut, Maryland, New York, West Virginia, Hawaii, Massachusetts, and Ohio.
The most important factor when purchasing In Vitro insurance is knowing that you will be fully covered for any unforeseen complications and unexpected IVF expenses incurred during the IVF procedure.  In Vitro can become extremely costly especially if there are multiple IVF cycles.  Having IVF insurance is a safety net that any couple should consider if they are planning on using IVF as their infertility treatment.

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